Monday, August 07, 2006

Green Helmet Approaches the Bigtime!

After moving children into a house in Qana, then placing weapons atop the house to attract Israeli fire, the Hizb'ollah (Party of [G-d] Allah) staged a media circus corpse-parade, which had some wide-ranging propaganda effects, after GreenHelmet used dead babies as props for his evil diss-play!

Alternate Dead-Children Reports (443K)
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Graphic: at least 6 photographers gather around Mr GreenHelmet (now bare-headed, left) in this GettyPhotos picture of the Media feeding-frenzy evident in this Hizbollah-orchestrated photo-op.

Bottom line: Hizb'ollah placed children in harm's way, forcibly kept them and their families from evacuating, then performed this cruel & macabre ghoul-dance using the dead as Mr GreenHelmet's PROPS for his propaganda shoot.

Neither is the next, but as a picture, it is worth a thousand words. The starring duo, having got what they wanted from the corpses, putting on their display of raw emotion and all the rest - to the delight of the assembled media - have completely lost interest in their props. The man in black is left to struggle unaided with the burden, heading over rough, wreckage-strewn ground to the ambulance. This can be seen in the distance over his left shoulder, past the nearer, more modern-looking vehicle. "White Tee-shirt" as gone on ahead, without offering any aid and, although in the picture, is not looking at the gurney. He has other, more pressing things on his mind, as we will see shortly."
(excerpted from "Director's Cut" at EU-Referendum)


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