Saturday, August 12, 2006

Green Helmet? Dead Kids? Who Cares?

Karridine's Kepi tipped to: Beagle, Thanos, Zack, sss111, Cattt and BlueSky (at the very least!)

The loathsome ghoul working for Hezbollah's Death-Loving Minions is captured on tape, by the Constitution-Crushing Crusaders of NSA Way!

Listen now, as Blue Helmet gets instructions from George Galloway. Or is it George Soros? Well, it ain't George Bush!

Blue Helmet's Boffo Box-Office! 449K
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Blue Helmet Boffo Press: Baby-Bodies Betrayed!


‘Allo! Yes, yes Sir Meester Soros, Sir! We are getting GOOD press, yes?

What? No, there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’, heh-heh…

'Scewz me? Well, yes, I do have some… hold on… HERE! They call me Shoddy Jihadi, and “..sick, twisted bastard…” I try... These are good…

Uh? Yes, there are some of them too, like “He's homely as a mud fence, the Don Johnson stubble looks sloppy on him, he has a girly voice, and he desecrates and poses baby corpses for a living. Phooey!” What is a pooey? FOOey? Means What? Oh.

Don’t like them! The bloggers are murdering us, Mr Soros! Their Dhimmis and k’ffirs call this ‘deathporn’ , as if these bebbies did not really die! The TRUTH?

They DID die, Soros. (softly) Just not in Isray-eeli attacks!

Yessir, we’re turning Associated Press into Arab Press and Associated Propaganda!

That is GOOD, but the bloggers too quickly see through our victimhood pretenses! They lay us open to criticism! Hey, the bloggers FORCED al-Reuters to withdraw 920- nine hundred and twenty GOOD PROPAGANDA PICTURES, Soros!

Well, we have some hope, because The stupid AND willfully ignorant among the western media FORGET about Uday and Qusay, and how it is ‘un-Islamic’ to display their meat-bag corpses…”

Abdel Qader, Salam Daher, Shadi Jradi Jihadi, what does it matter? They catch us, we LIE BIGGER! Taqiyyah is second-nature to us, no problem!


Yessir, Mr Soros. If they follow the money, or if they grow a backbone, we are up the Shiite Creek, with Koran paddles!


How couldst thou forget thine own faults and busy thyself with the faults of others? Whoso doeth this is accursed of Me. The Glory of God,


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