Monday, August 14, 2006

Protein Wisdom: Rationalizations and Rationale

Vinny posts this at Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom, stating succinctly and powerfully WHY real or imagined anger does NOT give ANYONE an excuse for mass-murder or even self-murder!

I'm Angry, Too! 480k
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The idea that sentiment over foreign policy can be used as an excuse for mass murder is absurd. As such, it could only be swallowed by our so-called thinking classes and peddled without reflection by our clueless media.

I was “angered” by the foreign policy of the former Soviet Union, sponsors of an ideology responsible for a stack of corpses 100 million high (with no ICC warrants or calls for investigations by HRW in sight).

I could claim that it is impossible for me to “forgive” the cowardice of European foreign policies over the last hundred years, which have brought us a pair of world wars, industrialized genocide, and a Cold War which threatened the planet with nuclear armageddon. After all, my grandfather and uncles fought in the hot wars and I was taxed to fight the cold one.

I could be perpetually “outraged” over the inability of the UN to do anything other than wring its hands as slaughter occurs places like (Rwanda, Serbia and) the Sudan.

And MY co-religionists are truly oppressed in places like China and throughout the middle east—this, in contrast with the largely concocted grievances nurtured by recipients of the largest transfer of wealth in human history.

I’ve got just as much right to feel things on a personal level as any third generation British Muslim has to feel about what’s taking place in the middle east. But the idea that any of this gives me a pass to fly planes into chancelleries of Europe or the UN’s tenement on Turtle Bay is lunacy.

But, then again, violence committed on behalf of politically fashionable causes and by ideologically protected groups has been a fixture of our political landscape for nearly half a century—and it doesn’t seem likely to disappear any time soon.

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