Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jack Stokes: Hero of the AP Newswire Service

For those of us interested in the ongoing propaganda war being waged against us by the Islamo-fascist tools of the Middle East and the West, here is an illegally-wiretapped, illegally-leaked recording sure to open your eyes and chill your heart! (Tip of the Karridine Kepi to Ronnie Schreiber at LGF!)

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Hey! Jack Stokes, Media Director for Associated Press, whatcha got?

…some kids hit by Israeli bombs? Go on…

…okay, hold it! You aren’t that “Abdel Qader” ghoul-yoho are you?

Okay, then I have some questions for you:

1/ are the children injured? You know, heads crushed, bodies mutilated, limbs missing? No, not all of them, of course but- What? There are NOW?

uhh, well, then question 2..

/ are the kids recently refrigerated? “Not so’s you’d notice…” Look, Pal, PALI, sharp-eyed goddam blogs notice EVERYTHING suspicious, we gotta cover our butts, y’know? Oh, yeah? You’ll take them OUT of the reefer van and place them where we need them?

Uhh, well, look Pali, there’s some danger there, ‘cuz staging these things is getting very risky, y’know? We got people dropping their subscriptions even NOW, cause they can get better, more accurate and more timely factual reporting in the blogosphere… the blogo- screw it!

Look, we’re not innerested, okay? Don’t call us, we’ll call-

What? You can have the dead teen girl wearing a T-shirt with the AP logo?

Well, why din’tchoo SAY so? Sure, its worth plenty of money!

Now, here’s whatcha do…



Anonymous Anonymous said...

like i said, snarky creepy and too honest for msm...

Friday, August 04, 2006 9:54:00 AM  

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