Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mr Green Helmet - Abdel Qader : Hizbollah Ghoul

Here's a follow-up on both the Ba'albekk HQ COUP for the IDF, and the Dead Babies Charade!

Dead Babies Don't Win Wars! (350K)
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Offices of Mr Green Helmet, Abdel Qader: Meat-Puppeteer Extraordinaire

‘Allo, Abdel Qader, the Compassionate-

Oh, yessir, Mr Nazrullah! Why, thank you sir, we DID get some outstanding publicity-

What? Why, yes, we were think we go in the refrigerator truck to Ba’albeck-

No? NO? Why not?

The blawgs are onto us? What are you meaning, Habibi? Sometimes I have fleas and a few body lice but no blawgs-

What are you meaning, alternate news?

Good God Almighty!! You mean there are Emrikkans who REPORT TRUE REALITY? This is not believable, Nazrullah!

The wha- Where?? The IDF got Hezb’ollah fighters IN Ba’albeck? So we can do the Dead Children-

Okay, okay, no need to shouting! I listen. Yessir, Nazr… they have reports of Saddam’s Little Dead-Baby Parade? You mean they STILL remember that?

They pushing it to front page nooz?

But Nazrullah, Sir, we are losing in the military actions, and being humiliated by the Ez-ray-eelis with that HQ Snatch Operation and we cannot even WOUND ONE of them, they kill-

Sir? Yessir, I’ll tek the little bodies back to their parents, but it won’t do any good.

Why? WHY? Because to be sure we had enough Israeli Bombing Victims, we killed the crippled childrens’ parents too!



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