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Countdown of the Memes: July 30, 2006 CE

And NOW!

The Karridine Kountdown of the Top Ten Tropes for July 30, 2006CE.

Maelstrom of the Memes- July 30 (1260K)
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Maelstrom of the Memes:

Countdown for the Top Ten Tropes: July 30, 163BE

10. Starting off this week with a brief reminder that I do NOT create these memes, nor do I necessarily endorse them by reporting them. For example, this week’s Number Ten, “Hezb’ollah is Iran’s Sock-Puppet!” I don’t know if this is absoluly true, but it IS a meme showing up on blogs and news wires this week as they recognize Iran’s role in attacking Israel by proxy.

9. Number 9: related, the Meme that “Hamas is a proxy of Syria! Monkeys on a string! Mindless kill-bots motivated by anger and ignorance!” Maybe that’s why GWBush spoke quietly to Syria, whose chinless, spineless opthamologist KNOWS Bush carries the world’s biggest stick and is NOT afraid to use it!

8. The UN again showed the world its now-infamous and stereotypical uselessness this week, seeking action AGAINST Israel for targetting Hizb’ollah fighters who were using unarmed UN observers for human shields! The UN has utterly FAILED in its guarantee to keep the Lebanese border region from being re-militarized, which was the ONLY reason Israel left in the first place, in the year 2000! Oh, and late this week, Kofi finally DID order the withdrawal of Hizb’ollah-shield units, in part because they were being targetted by Hizb’ollah’s thug terrorists!

7. The UN observer, hurt when Hizb’ollah attracted too much Israeli shelling, too close to the UN position, was rescued by IDForces, and helicoptered to an Israeli hospital, where his life was saved!

6. Thugs: “Thugs, We Are Thugs, and We’ll Kill You Like Thugs As We fight for the right to enslave you…” These Hizb’ollah losers and chumps are tripping over their own moral midget-hood and their burning hatred for Jews! Which leads to our Top 5 Stories, starting with #5,

5. Ahmadi-Nejad STILL making public and private threats and rallying support to KILL Israelis, Jews and Baha’is, and STILL taking public actions NOT TO ALLOW democratic self-determination in the nation of birth of the Lord of Hosts. Just Saturday (July 29, 2006) Ahmadi-nejad began a nation-wide process to put Iran on a war footing, declaring “This is OUR war!” and letting Iranians know they’re about to be seriously chastised by the 12th Imam.

4. New in the #4 position this week, it looks like God is NOT coming to rescue the 3rd-Generation Jordyptian exiles, this time, as they ‘taste … what their hands have wrought!’ Israeli troops excised a pustulent, diseased element named Hani Awijan, 29 in Nablus, Gaza. One more link in the chain oppressing Jordyptians AND Israelis, GONE!

3. Leading to this week’s #3 story, the festering New York Times treasonous, anti-American ‘leaks’ are being investigated, by a US federal grand jury, because the foul stench emanating from the Times’ stercoraceous acts besmirches ALL who guide the policies of the NYTimes, and covers them in the gore of innocents!

2. Nearly at the top this week, one of those memes which may seem unrelated, but because Christ used Saint Peter to warn humankind AGAINST the ‘damnable heresy’ of scoffing and denying Christ had returned, this question is relevant to today, as

Saint Peter warned us against this ‘damnable heresy’, but Christian clergy are doing it anyway, (II Peter 2:1) leading good people around the world to believe that Christ has NOT come again, in His new name, as if Jesus lied or made 3 ignorant mistakes in His choice of words! (Matt 24:14, Luke 21:24, Matt 24:15)

… And now,

The most important and widely discussed story of this week is the determination by Israel to take effective action to save itsself, stop the rain of Katyushas and clean out pockets of purulent ignorance and violence on or near the borders of the Holy Land!

As of the time of this recording (early Sunday morning PST) there are reports of the brave, courageous ‘Hizbollah’ and ‘Hamas’ “LEADERSHIP” (oxymoron anyone?) hiding in the Iranian embassy, cowering from the Israelis, and whining to the UN, while tens of thousands of Christian Lebanese courageously declare their support for and approval of Israel’s efforts so far!

Well, this next week will see the further unfolding of the Events in the Middle East, and around the world, so visit again on the 6th when once again, we’ll have this Kountdown of the Top Ten Memes and Tropes at (signoff).


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