Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Brain Surgery Ethos & Rationale : II

You KNOW what I mean!

A simple, delicate adjustment to the world around you, create your own job, steer your own destiny, carpe your own diem... but what happens?

You get results that look like you just performed Brain-Surgery on yourself, and forgot to even sharpen your Spoons!

Well, you've come to the ONE PLACE in the blogosphere where you can find
Razor-Rimmed Spoons, (In the Koran!)

Double-Edged Spoons, (I Wanna Go Home... GIs in Iraq)

Stainless-Steel Chrome-Reverse ("Dick" Rather)

Feel-Sealed Long-Handle Spoons,
Eagle-Beak Quasi-Sharp Copper-Lined (Bennish Pop Quiz)

Ultrasonic Spoons, (1-900-REA-LITY)

Lead-Crystal (Zarkman: War Sucks!)

Squamous Sapphire Spoons...

and some you ain't NEVER heard of before! (Even the ever-popular Ginzoo Spunes!)

Each of the COLORED, or Underlined links above leads to a pertinent MP3. Or an impertinent one!

Using words to scrape away at the accumulating, accreting and overlapping memes and tropes in our world today is like using spoons to perform delicate brain surgery!

So clamp your lid tight, button down your flaps AND your collar, and join me for the ride!



Blogger Karridine said...

some of yr stuff is weird, mostly funny in sarcastic snarky way... are you a teenager?

Friday, August 04, 2006 9:53:00 AM  

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