Thursday, July 06, 2006

Words for Public Mashup: Superman Redux

"They were easy to remember
easy to understand
and really easy to say:
Superman stood for Truth, Justice,
and the American Way!"

No one was dying to get OUT of America
But they were DYING, to get in...

The -ISMs that were killing them

kept them hungry and thin,

So they risked everything
(family, life)
to have a chance to pray
for Superman, Truth,
and the American way!"

[There's enough words to start: build your own synth tracks
or overdubbed voices or garage-band recordings and send
your MP3 to karridine at gmail dot com not later than July 9.

Winners will be announced as soon as possible thereafter,
and posted HERE for all to enjoy!]

Ignore Superman, the movie. Avoid it, and urge your friends to avoid it as well. There are better things to spend your money on!


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