Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9th: The BIG News!

163 years AFTER the 'Case of the Missing Millennium', we have this week's Countdown of the Memes:

Big News: July 9th

(Graphic: Israel in the News)

Maelstrom of the Memes: Countdown for the Top Ten: July 9, 163BE

10. Starting off this week with a newly-breaking and closely watched story, Britain’s big problem of allowing Muslim mouths to bray that the murderous subway explosions were somehow deserved! There are some signs, however, that British citizens are beginning to awake in greater number, to the huge and deadly threat posed by terrorists calling themselves Muslims. British and American listeners were apalled when they heard a Muslim cleric stating... the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center “changed many people’s lives”. After a pause, he brought the house down by adding: “Especially those inside.”

9. Falling to #9, Superman, the movie, opened for the 4th of July weekend, with a severely castrated Superman, crippled by leftist-loathing of America and unable to address ANY of the vital issues threatening America today! This Superman movie, seeking to earn money FROM Americans, is unwilling to let Superman be FOR Americans, and instead has Superman fighting for “…truth, justice and all that stuff…” How do spineless writers get to do big movies like this? For 40 years, in DC comix, Superman fought for “…truth, justice and the American way!

8. The UN showed the world’s approval of and encouragement of Israel, when the UN denounced Israel’s use of ‘disproportianate’ force in excising the purulent, diseased thugs and killers and kidnappers writhing in the slime of the toxic squats outside Israel.

7. Civilian contractor Brad Blauser deserves our gratitude for his selfless campaign to provide wheelchairs for Iraqi kids. MOSUL —Seeing a small Iraqi child smile when you give them a toy will make anyone smile themselves. Give an Iraqi child a wheelchair to change his or her life, will make the anyone choke up with emotion.

One special individual started a crusade to help disabled children in Iraq by providing wheelchairs to help make their lives a little more comfortable (and SURVIVABLE! Ed.) and to be able to enjoy their childhood years.

6. Thugs: “Thugs, We Are Thugs, and We Kill You Like Thugs” (except the Jordyptian thug-wannabees), who were humiliated again this week when they let themselves be photographed fighting IDF in the presence of THEIR OWN CHILDREN, oblivious to the danger of ‘work-accidents’! These losers and chumps are tripping over their own moral midget-hood! Which leads to our Top 5 Stories, starting with #5,

5. Ahmadi-Nejad STILL making public threats and rallying support to KILL Israelis, Jews and Baha’is, and STILL making public announcements NOT TO ALLOW democratic self-determination in the nation of birth of the Lord of Hosts.

4. Holding at #4 position this week, it looks like God is NOT coming to rescue the 3rd-Generation Jordyptian exiles, this time, as they ‘taste … what their hands have wrought!’ Electing Hamas, who whine and beg for a humiliating ‘hudna’, but Israel refuses to back off, all the while protecting Mount Carmel and the brave Israelis around it, from the depraved attacks from the seriously-deranged Jordyptians in the toxic squats outside Israel.

3. Leading to this week’s #3 story, the festering New York Times treasonous, anti-American ‘leaks’ investigation, as the Times sets its sights on illegally and immorally gutting yet another legal American effort at self-defense, the formerly-secret ‘rendition’ program. The foul stench emanating from this stercoraceous act besmirches ALL who guide the policies of the NYTimes, and covers them in the gore of innocents!

2. Nearly at the top this week, one of those memes which is a musical question:
do the Christian clergy in your world ‘scoff and deny our Lord Who redeems us’?
Saint Peter warned us against this ‘damnable heresy’, but Christian clergy are doing it anyway. (II Peter 2:1)

… And now,

The most important story of this week is the commemoration this week, around the world, of the brutal martyrdom of the Promised One, Who came fulfilling Jesus’ promises (Matt 24:14, Luke 21:24, Matt 24:15) in order to end the old world, a world of news at the speed of horse, change at the speed of crops, 98 people out of 100 being illiterate workers on the land with their lives at the mercy of the kingly-caste and the priests of their time and area.

The Holy One, whose title means “The Gate”, claimed to be the One to prepare the way for the Lord of Hosts, (as St John prepared the way for Jesus), Who would come soon after Him. The Gate, with an ordinary human body like Jesus’, that every eye could see, and speaking, like Jesus, with a human voice that every ear could hear, so inspired the people of 1844 and onward to 1850, that the CLERGY around Him subjected Him, like Jesus, to a humiliating mock trial, found Him guilty of calling the people to purity, trustworthiness, honesty and obedience to God, and therefore sentenced Him to death.

His death by firing squad was observed by more than 10,000 hostile onlookers, who jeered for Him to save Himself and the young believer who asked to die with Him, and jeered as the Armenian-Christian regiment lined up to kill Him, knowing of the Muslim prophecy that when the Promised One came, Muslims would kill Him, and when the Armenian-Christians killed Him, this woud PROVE Him a liar and imposter.

The order to fire, however, released 750 rifle-slugs at the breast of the Holy One so precious to Christians, being promised by no less than Jesus! But not ONE of the rifles hit the mark, instead, only cutting the ropes binding the Gate and His disciple!

The Christians marched out, their duty done, and within an hour a Muslim regiment had replaced them, to execute the pure and blameless One, Who this time told them, “Now I have completed My duty, you may do with Me as you please.”

250 lying, 250 kneeling and 250 standing riflemen aimed, and released a thunderous volley at face of the young disciple, covering His heart.

The force of the bullets drove the disciples head into the chest of the Holy One, and shattered –nay, splintered- every bone in their now-commingled bodies, except their faces, which bore not a mark!

Their bodies were cast on the banks of a nearby moat, and guards posted over them, but the birds and dogs refused to touch them, and, at great risk to themselves, shortly before dawn of the third day, followers of the Bab, the Gate of God, spirited away His mortal remains, and kept them safe from hostile Muslim governments, until they could be laid to a proper rest on Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land, where they are today, protected by Israel and America, and adored by millions around the world, who commemorate this day, July 9th, in devotion to Him Whom Christ sent.


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