Saturday, June 03, 2006

Maelstrom of the Memes! Countdown June 4

This week's Countdown of the World's Meanest Memes:

Countdown June-4


The Maelstrom of the Memes!

Welcome to Karridine’s Kountdown of the top ten memes and headlines from around the world!

Obviously, these are only the English-language memes, tropes and headlines that are rocking our world, but these are the memes that touch, move and inspire humankind today, and for the week of May 28 to June 4, in the 2006th year of the Common Era, corresponding to 163 BE.

In the Number Ten position, “Omigod! These terrorists are homegrown!” a Canadian-European song suddenly being sung by police forces in ever greater number, while

The Number Nine position is the sharpening-focus of “Why do my clergy scoff and deny our Lord Who redeems us” has returned? Doesn’t Saint Peter call that a “damnable heresy”? Well, I’m sure this is related, but only in a thematic and dramatic way to

The Number Eight position, up two notches this week (and get an ear of yesterday’s post, “Regrets!”) is ‘Abortion! My Right, Baby’s Wrong!

In the Number Seven place, “Thugs!” (Thugs, we are thugs and kill you like thugs and we fight for the right to enslave you!) down one from last week, but here in Number Six is “A Border, Bush! GIVE US Borders! Recognize the differences between US and everybody NOT-US! Make safe our BORDERS!

The Apologists Creed, singing with the Far-Flung Appeasers and the Moron Tabernacle Choir, holds firm in the Five slot with “We’re yearning to give up! We want our DESIGNER CHAINS and Adkins-HiFiber Lickspittle!”

We’ll continue with Karridine’s Kountdown of this week’s Main Mean Memes, but first this from our sponsor:

That was the OverDubbs asking the musical question, Do the Christian clergy in your world Scoff and Deny our Lord Who redeems us has returned? Second Peter 2:1 is the basis of this damnable heresy!

And that leads us to this week’s Number Four Meme, This Civil War Is KILLING Us!” by the Jordyptian Carbuncle Choir and Hamas/Fatah Rivalry! down one from last week, while

This week’s Number Three is last week’s Main Meme, the ever-popular anti-Semite and racist chant, “This is the fault of the Jews and the Baha’is!”, a variation of “We’re gonna wipe those Jooos right offa the map, and send them on their way!” as performed by Armada Nutjob and his Yoyos of Jeehad!

Now, we come to this week’s First Runner-Up, (drumroll please!) oh, well: In the Number Two position, is “Can’t we blame this on Bush?”, rebounding two from last week and fueling Bush Derangement Syndrome everywhere, leaving us this, in the Number One position this week,

God Loves Us Muslims More Than Any Other Humans!” chanted along with “We are uber-humans, destined to control the world!” and “YOU are all k’ffir dhimmis who OWE U$ TRIBUTE!”

Well, there you have it, Krasey Karridine’s Kritical Kountdown of the Top Ten Memes from around the world, in The Maelstrom of Memes! This is Karridine at Brain Surgery with Spoons, dot blogspot dot com, for May 29th, 2006 CE.


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