Monday, June 05, 2006

17 Suspects in Toronto? In ANY Way Alike?

Struggling against Canadian organized mass-deception, here are some of the responses posted online after reading the Toronto Star's headlines of ignorance, written by three Eskimo journalists and presented as 'FACT', unbiased, unslanted and unblushing:

Anything In Common?

(Graphic Thanx to Jay Dyson: Sacred Cow Burgers)

Check out who it's written by: Surya Bhattachayra, Nasreen Gulamhusein, and Heba Aly. All nice Inuit names. Suppose there might be some ties than bind them?

"Aside from the fact that they are all young men, its hard to find a common denominater" says the RCMP.

The RCMP official who said that needs to be fired right now. If you are a cop, and you can not figure out what is common among these (MUSLIM TERRORISTS) young men, then you have no business in law enforcement. You should not even be employed as a mall security guard. Fire him. Fire him right now.

*hard to find a common denominator?


it's right there in black and white


black burqa/chador and white eyeballs

someone needs to put down the crack pipe and take another look

sheeesh, this is getting ridiculous

*All those comments like "were they Rotarians? Buddhists? Albinos? Dwarves? Retarded?" always struck me as funny, but exaggerated.

'til now.


It could be Islam... or they all have women who dress in tents... this is hard... we need a focus group to study this... It sounds like they have a common thread... dang... what could it be? this looks better now.


Note the authors' names...maybe to them, being Muslim is just such a given (although I'm not a name expert, and maybe they're Hindu....what do I know?)

These people are nuts! What, did Muslims threaten to nuke every major newspaper or something?

/YES, call it profiling!


It boggles the mind. This story seems to exist *only* to generate disinformation that they aren't all Muslims...

I can only imagine a conversation:

Trio of writers: There are no similarities between these men...

Someone stating the obvious: Uh, the're all Muslim, with wives in burqas and stuff?

Trio of writers: Muslims are peaceful. The fact that they are all the same religion is NOT a similarity you Zionist pig Nazi fascist.

Oh okay.

"It's hard to find a common denomninator"


Surya Bhattacharya
Nasreen Galumhusein
Hab Aly

The tone of the article seems to contradict the photo. Perhaps an editor wanted to slyly gut the authors' hazy position by pairing it with something more ... vivid...?

Oh I get it those 3 "women"? are the news reporters leaving after they interviewed for their story..


shug 6/5/2006 05:24PM PDT

can see these fools rounding up terrorist suspects for a lineup

A guy in a clown suit
A guy in a coma
An old lady in a nun outfit
A retarded kid in a wheelchair
A young Saudi man with a suicide vest
A small child in a stroller

A black housepainter

An old Asian woman

A Swedish farmer

Nope. Nothing in common here!
We're all terrorist suspects, right?

/soon to be extinct


Oh, come now, people. Why are you objecting to the statement that the arrestees "represent the broad strata of the [Muslim] community?"

They do.

And that is precisely the problem.


Kaboomboom 6/5/2006 05:13PM PDT

13 anotherindyfilmguy

Could it be sarcasm at it's highest level?

More like political correctness run amok or absolute cluelessness. Oh, wait, that's repetitive.

Here is the line that IMO is funniest: "It may even be that the suspects do not represent as broad a strata of Canadian society as it appears on the surface."


There's other amusing stuff on their comments page:

Am I worried about terror? Not at all. What Canadians should be worried about is our own soon-to-be police state. The fact that many of these arrests have been described as pre-emptive, combined with the hoopla at the courthouse with snipers on the roof should trigger warning bells that Canada is about to change.
Taqiyah Ahmed, Mississauga or, as my name reads in English, Premeditated Liar Ahmed


Earth2Moonbat notes:

Not only are they missing the elephant in the parlor, you paint it pink with purple polkadots, and they ask "why is it so stuffy in here?".


Rational Lady posts this from Ross Warren, Token Appeaser:

Yes, I think we should, especially now that Mr. Harper has decided that we should be spending more time on the battlefields along with the U.S. We may be chumming up nicely with the U.S. Nonetheless, as a result of that, we are now being looked at by a far greater menace.
Ross Warren, Toronto

Ahh, this is all Bush’s fault?


And wrapping this, we have Sil’s post:

Sil 6/5/2006 05:38PM PDT

Oh, crap - a pop quiz, and I forgot to read for it.

Um, let's see.

They're all Amish? No - that can't be it. Dang.

They're all Sunday-school teachers? Hmm...nope. I don't think so.

Their girlfriends/wives/significant others all suffer from a terribly disfiguring skin disease that requires that they cover their faces? No?

They're all big fans of competitive ice dancing? No...that's not it either. Damn - what would Brian Boitano do?

They're all young male jihadis-in-training who attended the same mosque, absorbed their local imams' messages of hate and evil, collected 3 TONS of explosive and detonators, and are hell-bent on destroying everyone who isn't Muslim? Yep, I think I nailed it.


Update: 0948: neverquit 6/5/2006 06:26PM PDT

Common denominator? Let's review:

1) All Muslim
2) All Males
3) All Attended Same Mosque
4) All Frequented Same Chat Rooms
5) All From Nearby Toronto Suburbs
6) All Attended A Terrorist Training Camp
90 miles north of Toronto

Did I leave anything out? Anyone see anything these jihadis may have in common?


Anonymous DirtyMike said...

This one, I reckon, is a great observation about the "ninja-chicks":

#20 obscured by clouds

I've seen prettier eyes on serial killers...

So true.

BTW, regarding Muslims, you are probably familiar with this particular verse - John 16:2-3

This is perfect because, if one has to believe - as Muslims believe - that the sacrifice of Christ was all a big con, one will never know Christ and since the only way into heaven is through the Son - they will never know the Father.

It seems that this is how the Devil works - keep someone away from ever knowing Christ.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 10:53:00 AM  
Blogger Leilouta said...

I love the pictures :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 1:05:00 PM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Leilouta, I'm honored! THANK YOU for gracing these pages.

Mike, its even worse now that so many Christians engage in the 'damnable heresy' of 'scoffing and denying our Lord Who redeems us' (II Peter 2:1), when the Christians 'scoff and deny' our Lord Who redeems us has returned; which denies our Lord KNEW His 3 promises (Matt 24:14, Luke 21:24, Matt 24:15) would all come true in the same year; 'deny' that Jesus WANTED us to turn toward 'One, like unto the Son of Man' who came at the exact time that all 3 of Jesus' holy promises came to fulfillment; and 'deny' that Jesus KNEW the meaning of His own words in attaching them to 3 different processes, all three of which lead humankind away from Islam and TOWARD Him Who Came, May 23, 1844.

(Google May 23, 1844 to learn of Christ's vindication in truth!)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 1:04:00 AM  

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