Friday, May 12, 2006

A Spoonful of Recall

Open Letter to Charles Johnson & Friends
May 13, Saturday, 2006 CE

In searching for a way to quickly, ACCURATELY understand the modern-day fascist aspects of Islam (Islamo-fascism, if you will) I found at least one tool to quickly show the roots, methods and motives of today’s Islamic uber-menschen: the informational film, “Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike”, available in the public domain for free download from Internet Archives.

In a few minutes and in a historically accurate manner, director Frank Capra has illustrated the motives, methods and goals of Nazi Germany in its willing efforts to follow The Leader, Herr Hitler.

The public/private dichotomy of the leadership; the ‘softening-up’ process using thugs, riots and terror; the use of propaganda and news media; the lies and racism animating even bit-players; the blatant use and abuse of ‘treaties’ and ‘agreements’; the male-bonding rituals and public displays of ‘power’; and the Western leaders' reluctance to FACE REALITY as the fascist leaders publicly sneer at and abuse them…

These parallels and more are evident in this one, short film. Dismissing it as ‘American propaganda’ does NOT lessen the accuracy of the realities depicted, or diminish the reality of the outcome of the War.

But seeing these parallels so strikingly, then and now, especially in this short interval between Iran’s formal “Declaration of War” and the West’s dazed non-comprehension leading perhaps to wide, public awareness, IF we can get the message out, is eerie, disconcerting and freighted with urgency.

The irony, in hindsight, of knowing that ONE company of armed soldiers, determined and resolute, could have turned Hitler back from re-entering and re-arming the Ruhr Valley is a clear and clarion call to ACTION TODAY to unite citizens of the Free World to support this fight against an ancient and cunning enemy, Fascist Racism, in its most current manifestation!

The time is short, the effort now is so small, that to refuse to sound the alarm is tantamount to suicide. We can use the internet and email effectively, and raise public awareness of Iran’s recent “Declaration of War”, NOW, rather than wait for Iranian military attacks, and the Hitleresque “Well, we warned you, in writing…” afterward.

Tell your friends, tell acquaintances! Unite now against this tyrrany!

And SEE "The Nazis Strike!"


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