Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bangkok Forced Shutdown: Noon Day 3

Thai TV just now (1400 Thai time) announced that Mr Sutep is responsible for the kidnapping and death threats from his camp, and another warrant has been issued for his arrest.

So, again with the questions.

If the Yingluck election to serve Thailand is NOT legitimate, to what do we ascribe governmental illegitimacy? If the Yingluck government DID conform to all pertinent, relevant Thai law, what legitimacy can be actually ascribed to Suthep and his supporters?

The government is charged with striving to protect all, even the protesters, while Sutep walks free, surrounded by press and private 'Security',  bouyant in his belief that the Yingluck government will,  nay MUST strive to follow all laws at this precarious crossing, taking care to protect Mr Sutep AND Miss Yingluck, or risk creating a MARTYR out of a simple, flawed, human politician.

But if, for the sake of investigation, we stipulate that 'the present government is full of BAD people' and 'GOOD people must be placed into key governmental positions' what would ENSURE a) the goodness of those NEW people; and b) their commitment to govern in such a way as to satisfy (or at least not antagonize) the large majority of Thai voters who ELECTED the Yingluck government?

For that matter, if Yingluck and her cabinet WERE elected in accordance with Thai law, where is the good in replacing that one set of 'damaged humans' with another, UNELECTED set of set of humans? If Yingluck has WANTED, for the last two days, to vacate office, for example, couldn't she be TRIED under Thai law for dereliction of duty?

And, for now, the obvious 800-kilo gorilla question on our living-room floor, smiling with Thai courtesy: If Sutep popularizes (he cannot legitimize) the use of FORCE by disgruntled minorities in this maner, doesn't he do a disservice to the Thai nation as citizens, by encouraging a string of similar economy-crippling smiling thug-imposed 'protests' against HIS government every time this group or that feels upset, ignored or badly treated?

Yes, I am FOR the people of Thailand, just as I was FOR the people of South Africa and the Philippines, two popular uprisings that soon turned out with serious racist tones (South Africa) and charges of corruption against multiple members of the Aquino People Power revolution in the Philippines.

The problem in Thailand is bigger than any group, coalition or Party... We, the People are searching for and hungry for and eager to have an administrative system LIKE the *wondrous system* brought by Lord Amit-Abha, and effectively functioning around the world for decades now, with justice, rationality and effective policy administration!

After all, the Lord Buddha Amit-Abha was promised us by Lord Buddha...


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