Monday, January 13, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown, Day 1

Monday Night: Bangkok Shutdown, Day One

A calm, quiet assessment tonight as Day 1 winds to a close, and Day 2 pads in on thousands of civilian feet... Some questions come to mind, but first some acknowledgements.

Michael Yon has been doing an admirable (and exemplary) job reporting on events/dynamics he witnessed today, from various spots around Bangkok. His reporting is neither inflammatory nor excusing, neither naive nor jaded,  rather he strives for objective, rational, factual reporting and intelligent extrapolation of the actual, factual reality as much as possible.

Yon's reputation as a trustworthy source of unbiased journalistic reporting is hard-earned and well-deserved, and both leads to and encourages comments of all stripes in the wake of his posts at Facebook.

So I share one of Michael's posts from today: "Amazingly large and motivated crowds now. Must be hundreds of thousands at least. This government is in trouble." Accepting the veracity of this, and accepting that a large percentage of FOLLOWERS are motivated by sincere desires to install a fair, honest, trust-worthy government that can govern with representative Justice, yet I also acknowledge that there are NO political solutions to the spiritual problems being protested BY the People.

This is Thailand, 'Land of Smiles', where smiles convey genuine pleasure, joy and gratitude as well as anger, distrust, suspicion, resentment, revenge and even hatred... all covered with the polite Thai smile. 'The government is in trouble' from a vocal, organized minority who want the admirable goals of transparency, trustworthiness, compassion and justice from their government. 

And yet, 'Khun Suthep still a professional politician. And he always has support and funded from Democrat Party. So don't give him all trust,' warns Nic Chan, in a comment in the thread under Michael Yon's post opining that to 'take the Thai stock exchange' would be a gaffe of massive consequence. 

'The Whistler Revolution is a powerful force that is growing. Negotiate now, or fight later. Those are the choices as I see them," says Michael in a post late in the evening, an opinion with which I agree, but which leads to larger questions, namely:

-When Mr Suthep uses 'Whistler Revolution' followers to oust what he calls 'Taksin and his puppets' will it be followed by installing Suthep and HIS puppets, when the chips are down?

-Does the '...funded from Democrat Party' accusation (above) corroborate other reports of 1,500 Baht per day per person (from credible reporters around Tawana-The Mall, Bangkapi) today?

-Will the *system* of government envisioned by Mr Suthep include modifications/enhancements OF the *system* such that the corruption so despised by the FOLLOWERS of Mr Suthep will be eradicated in a Just and Compassionate manner?

-or will the *system* be manipulated by MONIED PEOPLE SOURCES above or below Mr Suthep, such that a complete cast of 'new, unsullied, uncorrupt' PEOPLE is introduced to a *system* that is, as the Amit-Abbudh said circa 1863, "lamentably defective"? Whereupon the "lamentably defective" *system* in-place after Mr Suthep's 'Whistler Revolution' support commences to CORRUPT and ABASE the new round of spirits ushered into Thailand's political system?

Seen in this light, Thailand's 'Whistler Revolution' is part of the larger, more universal yearnings being experienced by all humankind today, from Thailand to Iceland to Egypt, where We the People are struggling to arise and shake off 6,000 years of 'obey the government and the clergy' mindset, for the 'kingly caste and ecclesiastics (the clergy)' were the TINY minority controlling access to the levers of power for 6,000 years of previous human history, ending May 23, 1844AD/1260AH, when the telegraph ushered in today's era of digital, electronic communication, and God 'seized power from the kingly caste and ecclesiastics' and has 'given POWER TO THE PEOPLE', as Mr Suthep and others have so astutely observed.

But Mr Suthep, and all others who would use that People Power for their own, possibly ignoble, base ends, would be well advised that Our Creator is in this for the long run, has instituted a Day of Judgement wherein We, the People have RECORDS of all promises, impications and explicit verbal contracts voiced by our 'leaders', and are holding these leaders ACCOUNTABLE now, in THIS Day.

The Thai stage IS important, and really a historic event, not to be diminished by me or others. This is humankind's struggle, here and now, for a national house based on Justice, for all...


Blogger Aaron Schmidt said...

Very interesting post Dr. K. I think you found an interesting balance between the spiritual and the secular political. I am sure that many will not agree with your views but your candor and enthusiasm are welcome.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 8:50:00 PM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Frankly, Aaron, I can't believe I drank a cup of courage or something before writing this.

But I believe it, support it and find all details here RELEVANT and pertinent. On to Day 3

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 10:39:00 PM  

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