Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Disease Infiltration


The communists have become so emboldened, they have ripped their masks off and are pushing their doctrine as mainstream to the public. Here are some of the things they have accomplished since 1963:
  • Capture one or both political parties. Check.
  • Do away with all loyalty oaths. Check.
  • Use the courts to weaken American institutions by claiming their actions violate civil rights. Check.
  • Get control of the schools. Weaken the curriculum. Get control of the teacher’s unions. Check.
  • Infiltrate the press and gain control of key positions in radio, TV and motion pictures. Check.
  • Eliminate all good sculptures from parks and government buildings. Substitute shapeless and meaningless forms. Check.
  • Eliminate all laws governing obscenity, calling them violations of free speech. Check.
  • Present homosexuality and promiscuity as normal and healthy. Check.
  • Infiltrate the churches and discredit the Bible. Check.
  • Eliminate prayers and religious expression in the schools. Check.
  • Discredit the Constitution and Founding Fathers. Working on that.
  • Transfer arrest powers from police to social agencies. Check.
  • Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders. Check.
  • Use mental health laws to dominate and gain control over opponents. Check.
  • Discredit the family as an institution. Check.
We have been infiltrated by communists. Face the reality and embrace the suck. We have to get rid of this disease before it kills off the freest nation ever to exist on earth. We were so busy working our jobs, raising our families and being entertained, that we invited evil into our midst and let it become our ruler. Our country is in need of a political exorcism.

Read the whole thing, its factual and very current, leading to the prediction that World War III is soon upon us. However I aver that World War III was the Cold War (end of WWII to the fall of USSR and the re-uniting of Germany).

It is NOT, however, a serious stretch of the rational imagination to posit World War IV on the near horizon, simply looking at what the Communists/Socialists have done to humankind (and the free world's once-upon-a-while security-protector-force:) America.

The years of denying the angelic, spiritual reality of humankind; the growth of popularity of the 'We Can Do WITHOUT God' even as they gutted real LEARNING in school and the world's CLERGY continued to 'scoff and deny' the unity and continuity of The Creator's creation...

All these have led to the conflict evident today in the growing aspirations and hopes of We the People of the world, as evidenced by Iceland, Thailand, Egypt and other outbursts of rationality recently. We want Health, healthy, honest self-determination, an end to forced racism when the Oneness of Humankind is so obvious; and we want Justice, for ALL...

So keep your eyes open. If is right, we'll experience some nuclear applications soon, on our way the the inevitable World Peace, proclaimed by The Lord of the Age.

If the predictions of war are wrong, we'll experience the inevitable World Peace even sooner!


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