Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Night: Lighten Up!

Now before you scrape your cranial cavity with a spoon, please understand that my roommate in the Army (while we were serving on the Korean DMZ) was nicknamed 'Beaky Buzzard', for his physiognomy, NOT for his 'hyuk-hyuk' moronic attitude.

In fact, check out the picture below:

The beak without the camera, far left, and the glasses, HE's 'The Buzzard', a true whiz at scoping out certain signals and at getting nosebleeds when it was least convenient! Jimmy Durante may have been 'The Schnozzola' but Mr Buzzard was 'The Beak!'

Why is this all relevant? Well, we were THERE, on the De-Militarized Zone between the Republic of Korea (South) and the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (Communist North) for a reason: there was a WAR on between the two nations, and even though a 'cease-fire' was in place, the North was making it abundantly clear that everything could change at a moment's notice.

We were there, on an island, for anywhere from 13 to 20 months, variable. But what was NOT variable was the difference between the relatively FREE South Korea and its evil Socialist twin to the north...

Looky here:

Japan to your right, South Korean democracy, then the big, blank North Korean workers' paradise between capitalist-democratic Korea and Communist China. This was taken more recently than when we were there, but the differences were just as stark, every day of every intervening year from there to here... just not as graphically visible.

And that black, empty, lightless HOLE between the free world and China (and Russia, north-east) is one of the realities that Beaky Buzzard, myself, and several MILLION Thais are rallying against in Thailand and around the world!

More as it happens...


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