Saturday, January 11, 2014

National Childrens' Day in Thailand

Today (second Saturday of January) was Childrens' Day in Thailand, with gifts, open-house exhibitions at air, army and naval bases; and all sorts of special considerations for young children in Thailand.

Our family's visits to orphanages and gifts of blood suffice at times like this, because we want to help in substantial ways, but don't want to encourage materialism in the process. This Childrens' Day was pleasant, relatively quiet and the television ran dozens of reports of special activities.

Which I find good, and yet in the larger context of preceding the first national 'Clean Up the Government' day, it seems almost surreal.
Talking about surreal, famed Bangkok writer Chris Moore will be observing carefully as events unfold, and may detect a way to deduce just what, exactly, is happening and why. Stay tuned.


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