Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers' Day Message

Here's a Fathers' Day Message from Keith Oldermann.

Fathers’ Day Message to President Bush
by Keith Oldermann

Mr President, can you imagine life without a skin? Have you ever seen a burn victim, with no clear, functioning DISTINCTION between their body and everything NOT their body?

Its not a pretty sight, Mr President. A human with no skin is like a nation with no borders, open to every opportunistic infection, every anti-American thug and zealot, every pus-producing filth that wants to saunter in!

Even worse, Mr President, pretending that there are NO LIMITS or defining lines on WHAT ISN’T America, destroys any definitions of WHAT IS America. The Constitution MAKES DISTINCTIONS, Mr President. The Constitution is American, for use by and for Americans, those law-abiding, Constitution-obeying humans INSIDE America’s borders legally.

By using overt and covert power to hinder the law of the land (ie., by NOT Building a Barrier along the Mexico-US border; now voted into law but not yet done) you erode the distinction between America and not-America. Sir, making a distinction is the FIRST LAW of FORM. Without distinctions, there is only CHAOS, as in the never-to-be-remembered 1960’s song by the quickly-forgotten musical group The Fugs, singing “Nothing, nothing, everything nothing…”

Mr Bush, as a man of principle, have the courage to DISTINGUISH between NOT-America and America; between foreign and domestic; between bad and good. All ‘foreign’ is not bad, but NOT MAKING THE DISTINCTION is suicidal, and in medical terminology IS DISTINGUISHED by the name, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. By refusing to allow America to defend itself from casual invaders, by refusing to allow Americans to distinguish foreign from domestic, by refusing to do as We, the People voted to do and ERECT A BARRIER, you have “acquired” an “immune-deficiency, self-defense-deficiency” syndrome.

As a compassionate father, Mr Bush, show wise compassion to America and her ideals, to the good and the life that you are sworn to protect, HERE, in America. THEN we’ll consider what to do with non-Americans INSIDE America, when few if any more can get in illegally, and THEN we’ll consider what to do about foreign threats to America.

First, this Fathers’ Day, recognize that America IS, and much of the world IS NOT America!

Keith Oldermann
Oldermann's Fathers' Day Message
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