Monday, August 21, 2006

Bush Apologizes to Saudis: Next Friday's Speech!

We've received an advance copy of President Bush's "Apology to the Saudis" speech, scheduled for Friday the 25th.

Its a winner!

Bush Apologizes! 425k
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President Bush Apologizes to Saudis:


You’ve got Michael G., “Speeches Are Us!”

Yessir, Mr President, I’ve got your Saudi Apology here, just the way you wanted it: Short, Punchy and American, so you can use it day after tomorrow!

Sir? Now, over the phone? All right, Mr President, here goes:

My fellow Americans, the Saudi government has demanded (unofficially) an apology, so on behalf of all Americans, I offer this apology to the Saudi people.

We in America apologize for your repressive, narrow-minded, intolerant and covertly murderous government. America didn’t put it there, but its nasty nevertheless.

We apologize for your government’s official policy of gender apartheid, and the terrible sexual maladjustment that results from that. You deserve better.

We apologize for the industrial-strength theft of the Saudi peoples’ national wealth, transferred daily to the pockets of a few thousand princes and their wholly-prince-owned corporations, at your expense.

We apologize for your government’s efforts to keep you ignorant, biased, prejudiced and controllable. The self-proclaimed imams and mullahs cling to power like a piglet sucks the mother-pigs teat… in a manner of speaking.

And finally, we apologize for your government’s habitual policy of persecuting Jews, Christians and Baha’is, while telling you at the same time that YOU are God-fearing people.

As for the attack on Tehran, that was in response to years of Iranian threats, Iran’s proven efforts to acquire and mass-produce nuclear weapons, Iran’s public, official anti-Semitic/anti-Jew and anti-American declarations, not just for the Iranian government’s abusive treatment of Baha’is. In any event, we don’t apologize for the large, glowing, green-glass parking-lots where Iran’s nuclear facilities used to be.

Please take this into account as you welcome our ambassadors tomorrow, to work out a lasting peace, with justice for all.

Thank you. Reported by Aug 21


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