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Eurabia: A Well-Considered Viewpoint

R.G.B.D. Johnson, sage and first-hand historian, sends this analysis of the about-to-surrender-EUrabian disaster, in consideration of EUrope's refusal to deal with over-running barbarians!

Here's a 3-Minute Clue-Bat FROM Johnson:

EUrabian Surrender Monkeys?


After reading the entire linked article, which is is more than well-worth reading, the summation statement near the end of the article shows an incisively abbreviated understanding of the reason for the truth contained within:

"The creation of Eurabia is the greatest act of treason in the history of Western civilization for two thousand years, since the age of Brutus and Judas. In Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, Brutus and Judas Iscariot were placed in the harshest section of Hell, even below Muhammad. If Dante were alive today, he’d probably make some room for Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and his Eurabian cronies in the Hot Place. The EU elites see themselves as Julius Caesar or Octavian, but end up being Brutus. They want to recreate the Roman Empire on both sides of the Mediterranean, bound together by some vague references to a “shared Greek heritage.” Instead, they are creating a civilizational breakdown across much of Western Europe as the barbarians are overrunning the continent. The EU wants to recreate the Roman Empire and ends up creating the second fall of Rome."

All of Europia is already paying jizya to the religion which they apparently want to honor. The dhimmitude of the "grand plan" to submit to a socialist suprastate by planned and relatively innocuous interim adoptions, far opposed from the concept of government for the people, is resulting in another catastrophe from which the American people will ultimately be required to rescue them.

It's a damn good thing that American societal productivity has been outstripping that of any other culture on earth for an impressive number of years, because the burden which we are sure to assume - and will NOT refuse - will take a tremendous toll from our sustained efforts to create a better place for all.

Political and cultural dhimmitude in the name of a new and better "master state" through evolution of a "meta-state" (gradually evolving internal governance through small stages of change) toward the anonymity of a lawless unchecked bureacracy of landed autocrats is eerily similar to the medieval concept of rule by elites; but in every case that I've seen thus far from Europe, if the "commoners" were to reinstitute the practice of the guillotine in response to urgent human need for change; perhaps only then could they run the elites who have chosen to make them faceless from their societies in order to save them.

I've known for a long time that Europe is in a great deal of trouble, but that's hardly a novel belief on this great forum. But unless the people of that continent can find the willingness to restore the will of society toward the good of the common needs of mankind, it will lay in ruins in shorter years than anyone there cares to imagine.

In its current guise, Europe is becoming the ideal client-state for the future empire of Islamic domination. What they fail to understand is that we won't be so kind to their obstructionism as we save their societies from annihilation this time, we will expect sacrifices from them for which they are unaccustomed, and likely ill-prepared.

But that's the way the societal learning process has to grow. In order to advance society, those within it must feel the burden of consequences for lightly-considered and irresponsible misdeeds.

It's been that way forever.


Anonymous Sarah "Texas" Beeghandle said...

and to think we could have taken the whole Middle Eastern region after WWII, instead of giving them independence

I say we need The United States of Europe rather than the EU

France can be our 51st state. It's about as big as Texas, right?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 9:10:00 AM  
Anonymous really grumpy big dog johnson said...

A cleaned-up and slightly edited repost of my post at Little Green Footballs, as a favor for Karradine, a rational and enthusiastic defender of freedom and liberty from the forces of evil.


It's not just the al-Guardian, or values in Britain, it's the entire heavily socialist landscape of western Europe that needs to take a very serious and urgent reevaluation of their belief sets.

Set within an economic environment where the relentless advances in productivity by nations such as the United States and Australia have increasingly applied pressure on the semi-socialist states of western Europe, combined with the threat of the emerging superpower economies of India and China, the aging and burgeoning indigenous set of state-entitled and soon-to-be "idle on the dole" has provided unrelenting pressure for those countries to encourage nearly completely open immigration from poor states in Africa, the Middle East and southern and southeastern Asia, and also including the high-poverty islands in the Indian Ocean, far-western Pacific, and eastern Europe and former USSR states.

These are the economic engines of social change and international competitiveness in most of Europe, and the irresistible lure to governments increasingly pressed to meet the future bills of great leisure work states.

But those immigrants have been in numbers far to great to absorb, hence we have wide ghetto areas spreading across that continent, of unassimilated immigrants who are not even fluent speakers of their current national tongues.

They have an official policy of multiculturalism that justifies their serf labor while politely ignoring the increasing desperation of the needs of those populations, great numbers of which are either idle, underemployed, or hopelessly pigeonholed into dead end occupations that showcase their presumed value in what are essentially societies deeply seeped in classism and denial of equality of opportunity to the lower classes.

From my own dealings with Europeans, they are obsessed with jealously of our success, our power, our wealth, our assertiveness (What obvious bigotry to think that your opinion might be right!)

Many hate by broad principle a vast spectrum of American institutions: our government, our military, our unprecedented generosity primarily aimed at those who need it most. They can't stand that we predominantly use a variation of the English measure systems, featuring such archaic inventions as the fathom, the pound, the furlong, the gallon.

Never mind that is was the USA that first proposed a global transition to the metric system, of which modern Europe is so obsessed; and almost all American Common Measure has been standardized against the metric system such that exact conversions of nearly all measures are easily done.

No, it hardly starts there. There is anger that English is the most spoken common language on earth, that many of us consider the 26-letter alphabet as sacrosanct and one of the very reasons for the uniquely high commonality of belief and purpose of our vastly variant population.

Those are simply aberrations for the multiculturalists, for whom ever-expanding alphabets and six spoken languages for every person are clearly signs of higher life. Much less the elimination of any particular religions as the foundation of a society, since by today the Church of England is only a minor influence on the islands; Catholicism is disappearing in Italy, Spain and France; and a general disdain for all things ethereal is the song of the day.

There are huge reasons for their problems, but staunch defense of our own principles are not among them. We don't want to absorb them, to povertize them, orto deny them their freedoms of choice, such as they have. We are not involved in religious, racial or ethnic exterminations, or widespread and accepted practices of culture oppression.

Our legal system actually provides severe penalties for those who are gross violators of our laws, applied by juries of their peers. And even that is considered inhumane because we apply the ultimate penalty in vanishingly rare instances, all of which decisions are met with horror and condemnation.

No, red-state patriotism is the next fascist terror, when Europe can't see the rampant fascism in their own midst.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006 2:19:00 AM  

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