Friday, July 21, 2006

I AM NOT a Sock-Puppet, are we?

A wicked little take on Ace of Spades' "lack of insight" and Sky-is-Red-Shawn's obvious mistrake, as I investigate "The Glenn Greenwald Phenomenon!"

GG! 340K
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I am Ellison!

“I am Ellison!”

“And I am Wilson!”

We are NOT sock puppets. We are REAL people!

Yes. I am a real people!


Sorry, Person.

I only praise Glenn because he is an honest, and praiseworthy person!

I praise Professor Greenwald because he is an honorable, NYTimes best-selling author, a true success in any case, and a noted Constitutional law law-yer

Glenn is a best-selling author! Shawn does not think the sky is BLUE!

Greenwald is an honorable man! Ace of Spades is a loser!

GG: Now, gentlemen, please! There’s no need for antagonism. The blogs of reason, rational thinking and rightness are just jealous of my huge following and my fluent flogging of their pitiful-

Where do YOU begin? Where?

I begin at the elbow. Where do YOU begin?

Glenn ends at the shoulder, and I begin at the wrist! So there. I am an au-tomo-


Autonomous, Self-Governing…

Yes! That’s it! I am not a fraud!

And we are united in our praise of the totally authentic, truly humble and non-sockpuppet-using Glenn! YOU are just jealous of Greenwald. Go. Take your jealousy with you! Glenn is an HONORABLE man! Aren’t we? (signed: George Harleigh)

Update: July 22, 2020PM: This just found, catching Glenn in flagrante delicioso

"I just found some old posts of Bloggerhead's where he'd given his email as something like I was looking at the history of the Greenwald/Goldstein Affair (so to speak) and so was looking near the beginning of this year." from Protein Wisdom


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