Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home Improvement Around Glenn's Place

Tip o'the Karridine Kepi to Chris-the-Professor, (and 25% of all tangible earnings from this script and my performances of it!) for his timely tip to recast the Real Authentic Sock-Puppets Ellison and Wilson as Al(lison) and Wilson Wilson, from "Home Improvement"...

Another Oscar-winning performance:
Home Improvement at the Greenwald Residence (382K)
(Right-click and "Save as...")

(Chris, the vocal qualities of Wilson and Al are not well-known-enough to warrant a day or two of mimicking and practicing to impersonate them. I decided to go with this, after 3 takes!)


GG: (lisping and poofy) [ loud banging in the background ] *El/Al* irony

ELLISON! What’s our neighbor up to?

El Borin: Manly, sincere voice: Just a minute, I’ll check… Wilson, what ARE you doing?

Wilson Wilson: nasal, whiny moonbat: I’m … putting up… a sign…

El Borin: Ah… certainly. What does your sign warn of?

Wilson: Doesn’t warn, it’s a Wanted sign.

GG: Wanted? What could you possibly want?

Wilson: (bang-bang) Well, a little privacy might be nice

El: Won’t Glenn’s Brazilian friend, Tim, leave you alone?

Wilson: (bitterly) Oh, its much more than that! He’s laughing and sneering and ALWAYS making jokes about how my SOCKS need cleaning, or changing, or drying out once in a while…

El: Whoa. That is crude, and suggestive

GG: Are you two making fun of my heroic man-monkey from Brazil?

El: Uhm, actually, we were discussing privacy, and I was going to ask why this sign says “Internet Café-Come Inside!”

Wilson: Because its better than coming outside

El: I mean, The Internet Café part! What’s that about?

Wilson: Well, GG is letting John Swanson use his laptop, and he lets you use it, and then HE uses it, and then I use it… we might as well rent the laptop out, as long as people are intimately informed of Glenn’s curricula vitae AND agree to speak well of him IN A STYLE that closely follows HIS

GG: So you’re making fun of me? And why does Ellison say you want some privacy? My Brazilian friend too much man for you? (simper)

El: That seems to be the real heart meat of the problem, Glenn

GG: What? He can’t have any privacy? He can close the door, can’t he? It’s his house, isn’t it? He’s alone, isn’t he?

El: He can’t find a door that shuts us out, without simultaneously killing himself, Glenn.

(with help from George Harleigh)

Update: Visuals for this HERE!


Blogger Thanos said...

Great place you've got here Karridine, and thanks for stopping by my place, it's well appreciated. I laughed my ass off when I saw the "Axis of Weasels" pic. excellent work my friend.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 12:12:00 AM  

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