Saturday, May 06, 2006

Week in Review: Savory Saturday

Here are YOUR 'Fab Five' (who writes this stuff?!) for the week from Uno de Mayo to Cinco de Mayo, which was End-of-WWII-in-most-of-Europe-Day!

This Week's Number 5: Zarkman, "This War Sucks!"

This Week's Number 4: Juan Cole, Real Downer!

This Week's Number 3: May Oneth, 2006CE

This Week's Number 2: Aloha Snackbar, Resort to Violence!

and Still Numero Uno: "Its in the Koran!"

See you Monday! Be happy, be grateful for this wonderful life, and I hope you enjoy YOUR efforts to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization!

PS: If you emailed about the other Zarkmans (DON'T call him Zarkaweewee!) don't worry, they are this week's Runners-Up:

Zarkman: I Hate Email!
Zarkman: I'm Surrounded By Idiots!
Zarkman: I Hate My Boss!


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