Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Zarkman's Inner Glow: Manly Manhood et al.

Here's a collaborative effort sparked by Shaky Louie and Far Sparkle, from the Land of Lizadroid Minions:

After reviewing al-Zarqawi's (don't call him Zarkaweewee!) latest video, "Big Yellow Dumptruck!" these two suggested that some O-Bla-Decent lyrics could be put to some familiar music, to satirize and snarkify Zarkman's recent debut to the BlogScreen, after years in the main-scream bloodstream, so here is:

Oh Blah Zarkman! (Right Click and Save as...)

Enjoy, and share with as many as you possibly can!


(Update: and I just noticed poster "Obladioblada"... thank YOU, too!)


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