Saturday, April 29, 2006

Truth Hurts

This is cut and pasted from a blog dealing with the simple reporting, in one place, of the daily assaults on freedom by terrorists and their 'useful idiots' around the world:

UPDATE at 4/28/06 9:27:25 am:

The attack reportedly originates in Saudi Arabia.

The website notes that others using its hosting service are experiencing Denial Of Service attacks, reportedly originating in Saudi Arabia.

When unwilling or unable to refute the truth (religious zealot-fascists attacking unarmed women, children and old men, hacking heads, demanding death for noticing this) they often resort to other measures to silence those who report their sickness, and those who examine the fascist sickness rationally and courageously. Hence, "Denial of Service" attacks, originating in Saudi Arabia.

This reminds me of a leftist Finn I knew, who seemed quite intelligent, but could never set his goals higher than money, leading to gutting of some joint ventures before the others got wise to his selfish, materialist hidden agenda. Saudi wants to sell oil while exporting Wahhabist extremism... but there are changes in the wind!


(David Marshall Grant in "Air America")


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