Sunday, April 23, 2006

CAIR Free Speech

Council on American-Islamic Relations has as its official mouthpiece a man who has renamed himself as 'Ibrahim (Abraham)' Hooper, and it is his job to answer questions from inquiring people and to spin those questions and their answers toward the official Islamic "submit yourself to Muslims" position of CAIR.

CAIR, in close association with the communist-Socialist International ANSWER, actively works to undermine America's good efforts; publicize many of them as 'Islamophobic' and 'anti-Islamic' when they're obviously anti-fascist and pro-American; and bending as many efforts, public and private, to help Islamo-supremacists and other thugs establish material, fear-based tyranny over the whole world and the 'Great Satan America' who stands between them and their goal!

CAIR Free Speech is a short, pungent examination of the supportive, enlightened efforts of Ibrahim answering a phone call.



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