Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday's Second Serving!

Here's a recording I've been aching to post since early Saturday, but it took a while, for various non-essential reasons.

This is Fjordman's take on Anti-Democratic Efforts in the western world. Its 9MB, a bit longer than I usually post, I admit, but its worth every minute! Baron Bodissey has the full version posted for further reading.

(And I know how to pronounce that Communist name, but correct pronunciation is one sign of respect and, like "Abu", the term of respect for Islamic thugs, killers and misogynist terrorists, I just leave off the "Abu" part when I name those thugs, and I trust you'll know who we're talking about here, even though I mis-read his name. You'll know him, he's on shirts, caps, posters, mudflaps, urinal seives and toilet paper in ever more places around the west, recently!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taksin, for whatever critics may accuse him of, has delivered hope to the poor. The 30baht health care and village loans was a godsend. The OTOP may not be a resounding success, but it did stir home industry and handicrafts, and even community consciousness, in the villages.

I personally believe that Taksin was just being clever, and not sincere, when he says he will "save the poor". It is very expensive giving Baht 300 - Baht 500/head every election. The populist platform he followed above, all paid for by the Bangkok taxpayers who protested en mass at Sanam Luang, were to Taksin, no different from the handouts he would have paid himself to get elected PM.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 10:18:00 PM  

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