Saturday, April 01, 2006

Democrats' "Reid-Pelosi Plan"

This is the audio track from the recently televised unveiling of the "Reid-Pelosi Plan" for American security. The key-words, for those of you who don't think the Democrats have a plan, is "Smart!"

And if you don't like this plan, Democrats say, "Tough!"

This plan is "Smart & Tough!"

I couldn't post this yesterday, March 31st, so its up today.



Pictured above, director John Woo, drawn on-location in Kanchanaburi, knee-deep in the River Kwai, while directing "Blood Road" (sometimes called, "Bullet in the Head"). He knows more about planning than Pelosi and Reid combined. (And your humble correspondent can be seen in "Bullet in the Head", playing the part of "Courageous, Escaping POW")


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