Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WHY Spoons?

WHY Brain Surgery With Spoons? (Right-click and "Save as...")

It’s like this. If you’ve ever tried to rationally & courteously discuss or explain something like, oh, say Islamo-fascist terrorism, and the person you’re speaking with responds with non sequiturs, and anger, and base accusations and invective at YOU, rather than the thugs and terrorists, then you KNOW the feeling of trying to perform brain surgery with spoons.

So I decided to sharpen my spoons, and lengthen some of their handles, and craft them of copper and titanium and stainless steel and chrome!

I honed my spoons to razor sharpness, welded some together to double-edged perfection and widened the spoons to near-spatulate capacity.

Some of my spoons are right-handed, and some are left-handed. (I borrowed these from Christopher Hitchens.) Some of my spoons are fitted with ultrasonic transducers and carborundum tips, so they cut through even the most stubborn idiotarian mind-crud!

Why go to all the trouble?

Because I KNOW the value of the independent investigation of truth, especially when seeking Justice. By its light, I see with my own eyes and not through the eyes of my neighbor, and know of my own knowing and not through the knowledge of others.

This way, I feed myself spoon after spoon of righteous facts, and deliver a loving spoonful of factual fortification to the person I’m addressing.

These spoons are not for sale.


March 15, 2006/162BE


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